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What is Monkey Mart?

Monkey Mart is not just your typical idle/management game—it's a delightful adventure where you take charge of a bustling supermarket as a cute monkey character. From planting fruits to managing sales, this game offers a unique and engaging experience that challenges your managerial skills and creativity.

Game Rules

In Monkey Mart, you embody a monkey entrepreneur tasked with overseeing a supermarket. Your primary goal is to cultivate and sell various produce—from bananas and corn to eggs, peanuts, and coffee beans. As you progress, the game unlocks new products like chocolate, wheat, and more.

Customers flock in to purchase your array of items. To complete a sale, stand by the cashier's desk and collect your earnings. But that's just the beginning! With each level and unlocked aisle, you expand your market and gain access to more products.

To excel in Monkey Mart, strategic decision-making is essential. Balancing investments between new products, hiring staff, and upgrading skills is crucial for optimizing your market's performance. As you progress, challenges become more intricate, testing your ability to manage time and resources effectively.


The game's charm lies in its multifaceted features. As you grow your market, you can hire assistants to manage the aisles and other employees. Additionally, you can invest in appliances that transform your harvest into advanced products like chocolate bars, coffee, yogurt, popcorn, peanut butter, muffins, cookies, and even ice cream!

A significant aspect is the character progression—upgrading your managerial skills and unlocking new workstations. Teaching your staff new skills adds depth to the gameplay, making your market more efficient and profitable.

The fun doesn't stop there! Personalization is key, and in Monkey Mart, you can adorn your character with various cool hats. It's not just about managing efficiently; it's about doing it in style!

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