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What is Finn & Bones?

Finn & Bones places players in the shoes of Finn, the brave hero determined to rescue his friend Jake from the clutches of the underworld. The storyline unfolds as Jake drinks water of forgetfulness, leading to his kidnapping by a mischievous skeleton. Players must guide Finn through a series of levels, each presenting challenges and monsters, to save Jake and emerge victorious.

Rules of Game

In Finn & Bones, players navigate a turn-based combat system where strategic planning is essential. Finn starts with a few items but gains additional ones after each level. Players can equip various items, use potions, and improve Finn's stats, including Health, Attack, Defense, and Luck. As players progress, combining items leads to the creation of new and powerful gear.


  • Daring Dungeon Rescue: Join Finn on a daring mission to rescue Jake, who has been kidnapped and trapped in a scary dungeon. Face formidable enemies and navigate through levels filled with challenges.
  • Turn-Based Combat System: Engage in strategic turn-based combat that allows players to plan each move carefully. Use your logic and tactical skills to outsmart and defeat the terrifying monsters lurking in the underworld.
  • Item Customization and Upgrades: Explore a variety of items that Finn can equip, use potions strategically, and enhance his stats. Combine items to unlock new gear, giving Finn the edge in battles against the underworld's inhabitants.
  • Cartoon Network Adventure: Finn & Bones is an online game featured on the Cartoon Network website, delivering an interactive and entertaining experience within the Cartoon Network universe.

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