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What is Tebo?

Tebo is a captivating physics-based platform game that introduces players to the adventures of a little blue square alien named Tebo. The game unfolds within the interior of an alien planet, featuring a multi-level maze consisting of 50 challenging levels. The primary objective is to help Tebo navigate through the maze, avoiding obstacles and reaching the white glowing portal to complete each level. With physics as a central element, Tebo offers a brain-boosting experience that combines strategy, precision, and problem-solving skills.


  • Help Tebo Reach the Portal:

    • Your main mission in Tebo is to guide Tebo, the little alien, through each level's maze to reach the white glowing portal. This portal serves as the exit point, marking the completion of the level.
  • Physics-Based Platforming:

    • Tebo relies on physics-based platforming, making the gameplay dynamic and engaging. Master the physics mechanics to control Tebo's movements, jumps, and interactions with the environment.
  • Navigate a Multi-Level Maze:

    • The game features a multi-level maze with 50 progressively challenging levels. As you advance, the complexity and intricacy of the maze increase, requiring heightened strategic thinking and precision.
  • Avoid Sharp Spikes and Obstacles:

    • Along the way, Tebo encounters sharp spikes of varying sizes and lengths, serving as obstacles. Navigate Tebo safely through the maze by either jumping over or going around these spikes on the other side.
  • Movement on Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces:

    • Tebo is not limited to conventional movement. The hero can traverse both horizontal and vertical surfaces, providing you with the flexibility to choose the path that leads Tebo to the exit gate.

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