Defend Military Base

Defend Military Base


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What is Defend Military Base?

Defend Military Base is an HTML5 skill game designed to test players' precision and strategic abilities. As the commander of the military base, your objective is to launch cannonballs with precision, annihilating enemy tanks before they breach your defenses. The game's dynamic features, including extra ball bonuses and super bonuses, add an exciting layer to the strategic gameplay.


  • Base Defense Against Enemy Tanks: Assume the role of a commander and defend your military base against an onslaught of enemy tanks. Launch cannonballs with precision to destroy the approaching threat.

  • Skill-Based Gameplay: Success in Defend Military Base relies on skillful gameplay. Calculate angles, trajectories, and timing to ensure accurate shots and maximize the destruction of enemy tanks.

  • Extra Balls and Super Bonuses: Spice up your arsenal with extra ball bonuses and super bonuses. Collect these power-ups to boost your destructive powers and create an endless chain of destruction.


  • HTML5 Skill Game: Defend Military Base is an HTML5 skill game, that ensures compatibility across various devices. Tap on the screen to launch cannonballs and immerse yourself in a dynamic gaming experience.

  • Precision and Strategy: Put your precision and strategic thinking to the test as you calculate angles and launch cannonballs to decimate enemy tanks. Master the art of defense to emerge victorious.

  • Endless Balls Chain: Engage in an endless chain of destruction as you strategically launch cannonballs to eliminate waves of enemy tanks. Rack up points for your country and aim for the coveted medal by reaching 100 waves.

  • Country Competition: Collaborate with players from your country to accumulate points. The competition intensifies as you strive to defend your base and contribute to your country's success.

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