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What is Towerland?

Towerland stands as a tower defense medieval strategy game intertwined with RPG elements, immersing players in a fantasy realm plagued by the invasion of Diabot and its relentless minions. The game challenges players to strategize, defend their lands, and battle through over 8000 waves of enemies in epic encounters.

Rules of Game

In Towerland, players engage in strategic battles against countless waves of adversaries, employing a blend of defense and attack strategies to safeguard their castle. To prevail, players must hire and train warriors, assemble a formidable army, and strategically place heroes and modules on towers to fortify defenses against the invading forces.


1. Tower Defense and RPG Fusion:

Experience a blend of tower defense strategy with RPG elements, offering an immersive gameplay experience set in a medieval fantasy world.

2. Epic Battles and Wave Defense:

Engage in epic battles against over 8000 waves of enemies, utilizing defense and attack strategies to safeguard the castle from destruction.

3. Heroic Army Recruitment:

Hire and train warriors to strengthen your army, assembling a powerful force to combat the invading creatures and protect your lands.

4. Modular Tower Placement:

Strategically place unique heroes and modules on towers, combining and merging them to fortify defenses and shape the outcome of battles.

Embark on an Epic Defense

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