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What is Impostor?

The Impostor role in Among Us places players in a clandestine position, pitting them against Crewmates in a battle of deception and strategy. Their mission is to eliminate Crewmates and disrupt the completion of tasks or induce critical sabotages that Crewmates must fix. Success for the Impostor entails reaching a numerical parity with Crewmates or achieving a majority win by eliminating enough of them.

Rules and Gameplay

The primary goal of an Impostor is to sow chaos and confusion while eliminating Crewmates discreetly. They cannot engage in completing tasks, but they receive a fabricated task list to simulate Crewmate behavior and blend in seamlessly. Utilizing strategic feints and mimicking Crewmate actions is vital to avoid suspicion while plotting the demise of unsuspecting targets.


  • Strategic Deception: Impostors must adopt stealthy tactics, blending in with Crewmates while plotting strategic eliminations to achieve numerical parity or majority status.
  • Sabotage Abilities: Impostors wield the power to execute sabotages, forcing Crewmates to address critical issues. These sabotages can create diversions, conceal kills, or lure Crewmates away from discovering a dead body.
  • Numerical Equilibrium: The Impostor's win condition involves eliminating enough Crewmates to reach numerical equality or majority status, tipping the balance in their favor.
  • Task Feigning: Given a fake task list, Impostors must convincingly simulate completing tasks to mimic Crewmate behavior, ensuring their deception remains undetected.
  • Strategic Sabotage Utilization: Impostors employ sabotage in various ways, manipulating the game's dynamics to sow confusion, divert attention, or orchestrate kills.

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