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Maglu V2 is a pixel online running game that combines elements of adventure and skill. Players find themselves in a quest to rescue their kidnapped pet from an evil wizard. As you navigate through the pixelated world, your goal is to accumulate experience, improve your skills, and resist obstacles to survive longer. It's a game that tests your reflexes and strategic thinking in a charming pixel art setting.


The premise of Maglu V2 is straightforward yet challenging. An evil wizard has taken your pet, and you must navigate through the pixelated landscape to find and rescue it. Along the way, you accumulate experience, enhancing your skills and abilities. The catch? Deadly obstacles are scattered throughout the course, and touching them could spell doom. The key to success is to survive longer, improve your skills, and ultimately reunite with your furry companion.


  1. Pixelated Adventure:

    • Immerse yourself in a charming pixel art world filled with obstacles, challenges, and hidden surprises.
    • Embark on a quest to rescue your kidnapped pet, adding an emotional touch to the thrilling adventure.
  2. Skill Improvement:

    • Accumulate experience along the way to enhance your skills and abilities.
    • Level up as you progress, allowing you to resist more obstacles and increase your chances of success.
  3. Obstacle Avoidance:

    • Navigate through the game while avoiding deadly obstacles that could abruptly end your quest.
    • Test your reflexes and strategic thinking as you make split-second decisions to survive.
  4. Survival Challenge:

    • The longer you survive, the more challenges you face, creating an ever-increasing level of difficulty.
    • Challenge yourself to outlast previous records and achieve new milestones.
  5. Enjoyable Gameplay:

    • Maglu V2 is designed for enjoyment, providing players with a mix of challenge and fun.
    • Experience the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles, improving your skills, and progressing in the game.

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