Buckshot Roulette - Hot shooting game

Buckshot Roulette - Hot shooting game


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About Buckshot Roulette

What is the Buckshot Roulette game?

Buckshot Roulette is a spooky independent game that was published in December 2023. It has caught the attention of critics and streamers alike with its distinct combination of strategic gameplay and eerie ambiance, making it an unexpected smash. Buckshot Roulette was initially developed as a project on the Godot game engine by its single author, Mike Klubnika. After its release, it became popular on the internet, especially among streaming users. 

Difference in the Buckshot Roulette game

Shotgun instead of Revolver: Unlike the single bullet in a revolver used in traditional Russian Roulette, Buckshot Roulette utilizes a shotgun loaded with multiple pellets. This exponentially increases the risk factor and adds a layer of unpredictable outcomes, as the number of pellets fired with each pull of the trigger is unknown.

How to play the Buckshot Roulette game?

Visit the website https://buckshotroulette.io/ to play for free

Click on playgame to launch the game

Tips for playing Buckshot Roulette game

If you want to win, you need to have tricks on your opponent
Analyze and observe your opponents' actions from there, and make predictions with a calm attitude.

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