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What is DustTale?

Dusttale stands as an unofficial fan-created game inspired by Toby Fox's Undertale, offering players a gripping and darker narrative set after the harrowing events of an Undertale genocide route. This alternative universe (AU) plunges players into a world where Chara, now in control of the human, perpetuates an unending cycle of genocide, shrouding the realm in perpetual suffering.

Set in the aftermath of Undertale's genocide route, Dusttale ventures into a grim alternate reality where Chara wields control, manipulating the human protagonist to perpetuate a ceaseless loop of destruction. Sans, burdened by the weight of countless consecutive routes marred by pain and anguish, seeks a resolution to end this cycle of torment. Players must navigate the moral dilemma: aid Chara in their pursuit of boundless power or seek an alternative path toward redemption and resolution.

Rules and Features

Dusttale introduces players to a fully functional battle and overworld system, mirroring the mechanics found in Undertale. Engage in turn-based combat encounters and traverse an evocative world teeming with challenges and moral decisions that dictate the course of the narrative.

To accommodate varied player preferences, the game offers a "Health-Regeneration" feature on the continue game screen, allowing players to adjust the game's difficulty to suit their preference. Conversely, the "Challenge Mode" feature heightens the game's difficulty, catering to players seeking a more arduous and punishing gameplay

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