Undertale Yellow 1.1

Undertale Yellow 1.1


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Undertale Yellow 1.1 Overview

Howdy, adventurers!

We're buzzing with excitement to announce the release of Undertale Yellow Version 1.1! Thanks to your amazing feedback and bug reports, we've been busy polishing the game and adding some awesome new features.

No need to restart your journey! The new build works with existing saves, so just grab the update and keep exploring.

What's new in Undertale Yellow 1.1:

Accessibility Boost:

  • Easy Mode: Hats now give you extra defense for a smoother ride (switchable mid-game).
  • Auto-Rhythm: Stuck on a music battle? Let the rhythm guide you (works in the right lane)!

Improved Boss Encounters:

  • Final Pacifist Boss: Say goodbye to chaotic attacks, hello to a more predictable fight!
  • Final No Mercy Boss: Need some healing? We've got you covered with an Act option (and fixed a crash related to it).

Bug Squashing Brigade:

  • Crashes and softlocks? We've swatted them all (from dunebud duo shenanigans to Snowdin crystal tree quirks)!
  • Remember that never-ending Cactony attack? We've given it the ol' boot!
  • And much, much more!

Other Undertale Yellow Goodies:

  • Arcade minigame tutorial buttons fixed and improved.
  • Delta Rune Patch gold requirement reduced to 100.
  • More goodies in the final No Mercy shop (reset your save to see!).
  • Text tweaks, typo hunts, and credit corrections.
  • Sir Slither's sparing condition made clearer.
  • Autosave after the final pacifist boss for smoother cutscenes.
  • Auto-Fire toggles on relevant death screens for easier adjustments.
  • Mood-ruining glitch in the final act squashed.

We're grateful for your support and feedback! While this update tackles many issues, we're always working to make Undertale Yellow even better. Stay tuned for future updates!

Have a fantastic adventure in Undertale Yellow 1.1!

P.S. Did we mention we fixed a bug that could trap you on a bridge? No more bridge blues!

This rewrite is shorter, more punchy, and emphasizes the exciting new features and bug fixes. It also uses humor and informal language to match the tone of the original text.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions in version 1.1.

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