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What is Horrortale?

Horrortale emerges as an eerie and twisted alternate universe (AU) within the beloved Undertale universe, presenting players with a dark, haunting, point-and-click adventure that deviates starkly from the original game's whimsical tone. This AU plunges players into a macabre realm, fraught with danger, despair, and unsettling encounters.

Set many years after a catastrophic neutral run caused by Frisk, Horrortale depicts a bleak future for the denizens of the Underground. The once-peaceful monsters have descended into madness and savagery due to widespread starvation, resorting to consuming human flesh and succumbing to the draconian laws established by the ruthless Queen Undyne. The story unfolds after the overthrow of the queen, with Toriel's return to the throne disrupted by Undyne's insatiable desire to annihilate humanity, plunging the Underground into further despair.

Rules and Features

Horrortale immerses players in a foreboding and perilous world where every step could lead to dire consequences. Navigate through a strange and dangerous stage, interacting with haunting creatures and making choices that carry weighty implications. This point-and-click adventure challenges players to navigate a world teetering on the brink of darkness, where survival is uncertain and danger lurks around every corner.

The AU occurs many years post-neutral run, depicting a grim reality where Undyne reigns as the ruler of the Underground. With food and power shortages plaguing the realm following the unexpected shutdown of the core, despair permeates every facet of life for the once-hopeful monsters trapped below.

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