Bad Monday Simulator

Bad Monday Simulator


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What is Bad Monday Simulator?

Bad Monday Simulator presents an enthralling fusion, drawing inspiration from Undertale to create a dark and intriguing boss battle experience. Players delve into a twisted world where the iconic character of Garfield merges with the themes and challenges reminiscent of Undertale. The game immerses players in an unusual blend of these two universes, setting the stage for an intense confrontation against Undergarf, a sinister amalgamation of Garfield and Undertale elements.

Game Rules

This gripping action game challenges players to navigate through a realm void of worries and conflicts, yet filled with perilous tests and mini-games orchestrated by the malevolent version of Garfield. As players progress through each round, they face various trials aimed at minimizing life point losses. Surviving these trials presents choices: attack Undergarf, heal oneself, or seek a random blessing through prayer. However, victory over this formidable adversary proves to be an arduous challenge, laden with surprises and unforeseen obstacles.

In Bad Monday Simulator, players are offered three distinct modes, each altering the level of difficulty and available resources. The Normal mode grants players 100HP and access to a wide array of items to aid in the confrontation against Undergarf. Opting for the Hard mode diminishes the player's HP to 50 and restricts the availability of items, intensifying the challenge. For the daring, the Monday mode drastically heightens the stakes, leaving players with a mere 1HP and no items, transforming the battle into an ultimate test of survival and strategy.

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