Undertale Together

Undertale Together


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What is Undertale Together?

Undertale Together revolutionizes the gameplay experience by transforming Undertale into a cooperative two-player adventure. Players can now traverse the game's world together, fostering collaboration and shared exploration in a way previously unexplored within the original game. This mod expands the boundaries of Undertale, enhancing the gaming experience for both seasoned fans and newcomers.

Rules and Features

The mod offers two distinct modes of play: offline and online. In the offline mode, players utilize different halves of the keyboard or a joystick to control their respective characters, enabling seamless offline co-op gameplay. However, setting up online play may require additional steps such as installing new software or adjusting firewall settings to enable online connectivity.

Player 1 controls their character using the arrow keys for movement in battle and the overworld, with Enter serving as the interaction key and Shift as the cancel button. Meanwhile, Player 2 utilizes the WASD keys for movement, with Z functioning as the interaction key and X as the cancel button, ensuring smooth coordination and interaction between both players

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