Undertale: Sans' Lost Soul

Undertale: Sans' Lost Soul


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What is Undertale: Sans' Lost Soul?

Undertale: Sans' Lost Soul offers an intriguing fan-made experience within the Undertale universe, placing players in control of Sans, the beloved character from the game. In this unique fangame, players navigate Sans' perspective, striving to dodge falling bones and protect their hearts while attempting to save a Lost Skeleton's Soul.

Game Rules

The rules of Undertale: Sans' Lost Soul blends interactive storytelling with gameplay mechanics, inviting players to engage with Sans' predicament during the True Pacifist ending events. As players take on the role of #Frisk, they must strive to save the Lost Souls, particularly Sans, by maneuvering the mouse to interact with text and dodge attacks. The goal is to guide Sans back to his senses, using quick reflexes and strategic movements to protect the heart from the falling bones.


Undertale: Sans' Lost Soul immerses players in a narrative-driven experience set amidst canon events, where the focus lies on rescuing Lost Souls, particularly Sans, during the True Pacifist timeline. The game introduces a unique gameplay mechanic, requiring players to interact with text by hovering the mouse over it while simultaneously dodging bone attacks. This intertwining of narrative engagement and interactive gameplay serves as the core feature, offering a distinctive and immersive experience within the Undertale universe.

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