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What is Undertale Yellow?

Undertale Yellow encapsulates the essence of its predecessor while carving out its unique narrative. The game invites players into a realm where choices bear significant weight, emphasizing non-violent resolutions or confronting adversaries in a turn-based system reminiscent of the original. What sets this prequel apart is its deviation from Undertale's mechanics, introducing a circular target attack board. Players must navigate a swiftly shrinking ring, strategically aiming to harness the power of attacks by timing their strikes closer to the center. Failure to halt the ring's progress results in a missed opportunity, adding a thrilling twist to the gameplay dynamics.

Rules and Features

In Undertale Yellow, players step into the shoes of Clover, a pivotal figure tied to the Yellow SOUL in the original game. The narrative unfurls after the human-monster war, with Clover delving into the Underground upon noticing the unexplained disappearance of fellow travelers en route to Mt. Ebott. This gripping storyline introduces an array of both new and familiar faces, weaving a compelling tale that expands upon the lore established in Undertale.

Mechanically, Undertale Yellow ingeniously merges familiar Undertale elements with innovative alterations. The circular attack board, replacing the traditional oval layout, demands precision and quick decision-making from players. As the ring constricts towards the center, the potency of attacks intensifies, incentivizing players to master this novel mechanic for optimal results. This deviation from the established gameplay of Undertale offers a refreshing challenge to seasoned players while welcoming newcomers to a fresh and engaging experience.

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