Buckshot Roulette - Play Online Now

Buckshot Roulette - Play Online Now


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The Buckshot Roulette Overview


Developed by solo creator Mike Klubnika, Buckshot Roulette began as a project on the Godot game engine. Unveiled at the end of 2023, it quickly gained traction online, primarily through the streaming community. It's innovative concept and surprisingly deep mechanics propelled it to critical acclaim, solidifying its place as a standout title in the indie scene.


The game unfolds over three rounds, with each round introducing an element of chance. The chamber count for the shotgun, the presence of an empty shell (offering a safe shot), and the Dealer's health all factor into your decisions. Players can choose to pull the trigger on themselves, on the Dealer, or even gamble by going double or nothing in an attempt to win big or lose everything.

How to play the Buckshot Roulette game

To begin playing Buckshot Roulette Online, go to https://buckshotroulette.com/

The controls are simple to use and mimic how a shotgun is loaded and fired.

Throughout the psychological warfare of your opponent, you will aim, rack the slide, spin the cylinder, and pull the trigger.

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