Slice Master - Speed Game

Slice Master - Speed Game


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What is the Slice Master game?

Slice Master is a fast-paced arcade game that features a variety of blades to slice through fruit, dodge tricky obstacles, and accumulate points. It’s delightful slicing techniques and addictive gameplay are reminiscent of a cross between Fruit Ninja and a skill-based platformer.


Select Your Blade: Choose from a variety of blades that each have unique abilities and advantages. You can unlock new blades as you progress in the game.

Slice Fruits: As fruits appear on the screen, Click to activate the blade and cut the fruits into pieces. The more accurate and rapid your slicing, the more points you earn. Be cautious, though, as some fruits may require multiple slices to destroy.

Avoid Obstacles: Alongside fruits, obstacles such as bombs and spikes will appear on the screen. Avoid slicing these as they will end your game.

Rack Up Points and Achievements: Keep slicing fruits and achieving milestones to unlock achievements and earn points.

Unlock New Levels: As you accumulate points, you can unlock new levels that offer more challenging obstacles and fruits.

Utilize Power-Ups: Throughout the game, you will encounter power-ups that can aid your slicing skills or provide other benefits. Take advantage of these power-ups to enhance your gameplay.

How to play the Slice Master game:

Visit the website

Click play to launch the game

Use the mouse to click and control the cutter

Collect points, unlock blades

Tips to win the slice master game:

Sharpen your skills:

Precision is key: Aim for the center of fruits or objects for the most points. Take your time and don't rush your throws.

Predict the path: Anticipate the movement and speed of objects before throwing. Aim where they'll be when the slicing object reaches them.

Be strategic:

Slice efficiently: Look for opportunities to hit multiple objects with one throw, maximizing your score per action.

Prioritize high value targets: Focus on slicing objects with higher point values first, especially if they're fast-moving or require precise timing.

Don't waste throws: Missing wastes precious time. Only throw when you're confident in your aim.

Bonus opportunities:

Aim for the bonus target: Some levels offer a special target labeled bonus. Hitting it unlocks a bonus level with more objects and potentially higher points.

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