Undertale: Can You Escape Fate?

Undertale: Can You Escape Fate?


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What is Undertale: Can You Escape Fate?

Undertale: Can You Escape Fate? unfolds as a captivating and immersive gaming experience inspired by the essence of Undertale. Players step into the shoes of a protagonist on a quest to unravel a gripping mystery surrounding the disappearance of their brother back in 2016. Determined to uncover the truth, players embark on a relentless pursuit, navigating a world teeming with challenges, decisions, and enigmatic secrets.

Game Rules

Set in the aftermath of the Year of the Monkey, players must decide their path—whether to remain in a familiar realm or venture forth in search of elusive answers. The game challenges players to maneuver through obstacles crafted by killer machines, failed lab experiments, and covetous spirits. Along the journey, players forge alliances with souls they befriend, forming crucial bonds that aid during intense boss battles.

Can You Escape Fate: A Zodiac Story serves as the highly anticipated sequel to "Can You Escape Love," offering a point-and-click, escape-the-room survival game that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay. Crafted by the creators of Animatronic Jumpscare Factory and Five Tries At Love, this sequel promises a unique and enthralling experience, drawing players into a narrative rich in depth and mystery.


The game's features encompass a blend of point-and-click exploration, survival elements, and intense boss battles, challenging players to make pivotal decisions, befriend souls, and navigate a maze of mysteries from the past. "Undertale: Can You Escape Fate?" emerges as an intriguing and immersive sequel that promises an unforgettable journey, inviting players to uncover secrets and confront the enigma of fate within this enthralling Zodiac Story.

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