Undertale: The Delivery

Undertale: The Delivery


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What is Undertale: The Delivery?

Undertale: The Delivery introduces players to a fast-paced and obstacle-laden adventure, challenging them to navigate through a perilous journey. In this game, players control their movements using the mouse, aiming to swiftly avoid obstacles while interacting with on-screen texts. The primary objective is to evade various hazards, including sweets, candies, and deadly skulls, by moving the mouse as swiftly and accurately as possible.

Game Rules

The rules of Undertale: The Delivery center around speed, precision, and strategic movement. Players must maneuver their mouse swiftly to evade the array of oncoming obstacles, ranging from tempting sweets to menacing skulls. The game demands quick reflexes and precise control as players navigate through the challenging terrain while also interacting with on-screen texts for added depth to the gameplay.

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